Didn’t receive the email with lesson 2 (or any other lesson)?

Sometimes, our awesome Spreadsheeto-readers (you!) have trouble finding the emails containing the lessons from our free training.

Good news: There’s a 99.99% chance lesson 2 is waiting for you in your inbox.

Here’s how to find lesson 2 (or any other lesson for that matter):

1: Check your “Promotional” tab in Gmail

If you have Gmail, you may have noticed that there’s a promotional tab? Go click it.

Voilá! There it is?!

2: Check your spam/junk folder

The lessons might also have ended up in your inbox’ “spam” or “junk” folder (which is quite the insult compared to the content, but hey, that’s computers right?).

Please check these folders if step 1 didn’t solve your problem.

3: Search for emails from “kasper@spreadsheeto.com”

It’s your friendly MOS specialist, Kasper Langmann, who sends you each lesson.

Search for emails from “kasper@spreadsheeto.com” and it’ll most likely pop-up!

4: Still can’t find the lessons?

Then please contact us and we’ll get you up and running ASAP 🙂

Sorry for any inconvenience!