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Excel Cheat Sheets for the Beginner and Advanced

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Cheat sheets available on Spreadsheeto

Each cheat sheet is based on a module of our video training ‘Zero to Hero’. This makes it easy for you to quickly recap what you’ve learned in the course.

  • 7 cheat sheets on the basics to advanced subjects such as functions, pivot tables, and macros
  • Screenshots and practical examples
  • Comes with video lessons (one for each module of ‘Zero to Hero’)
  • Updated for the latest version of Excel (2016)
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Here’s exactly which cheat sheets you’ll get access to

Here’s the complete list of what each cheat sheet is about.

  • Basic use of Excel
  • Calculation with Excel
  • Formatting
  • Charts
  • Working with large amounts of data
  • Printing and protecting
  • Starting to Pivot
  • Configuration of your Pivot Table
  • Getting information from a Pivot Table
  • Sorting and filtering your Pivot Table
  • Formatting your Pivot Table
  • Pivot Charts
  • Controlling the eyes of the user
  • Formatting text
  • Number formats
  • Awesome formatting tricks
  • Conditional formatting
  • Multiple criteria lookup
  • Opening the toolbox
  • Foundation of functions
  • Conditional functions
  • Functions for working with text
  • Date functions
  • Toolbox features
  • The basics of macros
  • Recording and playing a macro
  • Macro security
  • Basic VBA
  • Join two macros
  • Building something
  • Using Excel elements
  • Variables
  • Bringing your code to life
  • Awesome tools

Who created these cheat sheets?

Kasper Langmann (co-founder) created all the cheat sheets you’ll get access to when you create a membership.

Kasper is also a certified Microsoft Office Specialist.

What’s unique about Spreadsheeto is, that the cheat sheet and course creator is also the co-founder.

Kasper is not only the author of these cheat sheets but also him you’ll be in direct contact with all throughout your Excel-journey.

“Hi, there! My name is Kasper and I’m the author of these cheat sheets. I’ve worked professionally with Microsoft Excel for the past 6 years. I’ve helped thousands of people just like you become fantastic in a spreadsheet. I’m also a certified Microsoft Office Specialist. I’m so ready to help you get awesome in Excel in no time!”
Kasper Langmann, Co-founder and course creator

Frequently asked questions

Got a question we don’t answer below? Then feel free to contact us.

Can I buy the cheat sheets individually?

The short answer is: No. These cheat sheets are a part of premium training “Zero to Hero”.

In what format is the cheat sheet delivered?

The cheat sheets are delivered in PDF. PDF is a perfect format for any device and operating system.

How long is each cheat sheet?

It varies a bit. In general, each e-book (cheat sheet) is around 10-15 pages. It takes about ½-1 hour to run through 1 topic.

Do you offer printed editions?

Unfortunately, these aren’t regular books. These are digital cheat sheets and are delivered as a PDF. If there’s demand for physical copies, we’ll consider offering physical copies too. So, let us know if that’s something you’re looking for 🙂

Get instant access to all our cheat sheets

Get access to “Zero to Hero” and get instant access to all these cheat sheets (+courses)

Cheat sheets available on Spreadsheeto
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