Team Solution:
Corporate Excel Training
For Employees, Businesses, and Organizations

There are 3 skill-levels in Excel: Beginner, superuser, and expert.

We cover them all.

With a Team Solution, you get access to Zero to Hero and VBA Masterclass.

  • Zero to Hero takes you from beginner to superuser in 14 hours.
  • VBA Masterclass takes you from superuser to expert in 20 hours.

Here’s what you get 

Everything you get access to has been developed by our co-founder, Kasper Langmann. Kasper is also a certified Microsoft Office Specialist.

Here’s a brief overview of what you get access to:

Everything your organization needs to level up the Excel-skills is included in our Team Solution.

Kasper Langmann, Co-founder, instructor, and certified Microsoft Office Specialist

Interested? Watch our 60-second introduction!

In the video below we explain exactly how our team solution works, what you get access to, and how you can enroll today.

Team Pricing: Pay once, get access forever 

Included in our ‘Team Solution’ is Zero to Hero ($199) and VBA Masterclass ($299). Regular price: $498.

The price per employee depends on how many you’re looking to enroll.

Your special price:

  • 2-4: $199/employee
  • 5-9: $149/employee
  • 10-20: $99/employee
  • 21+: $79/employee

Say you’re looking to enroll 20 employees in our Team Solution: 20 employees X $99 = $1980.

Payment is made via bank transfer or credit card. You pay upfront and get access forever!

*All prices are in USD.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

We stand by our training with a 100% money-back guarantee.

Because we extensively tested it, we know the training works.

Try the entire training and decide if it’s right for you.

If you for some reason don’t think the training is right for you (or your team), we will refund you every $.

By far this is the best training on the internet.

Here’s what our students think about our training…

I tried many tutorials and this was the only training I was really able to absorb. By far this is the best training on the internet.

Linda Byrne

The training opened up a world of options for me to automate repetitive daily tasks. The training saves me a lot of time in my working day.

Dwayne Cadwallader

The training helped me to find my new job where they need good knowledge of Excel.

Natalia Szczygielska

I like your training, it’s very easy to follow and I have learned a lot. I am so grateful that I have the chance to learn Excel from Spreadsheeto. The training is excellent.

Linda Sun

We’re also proud to have students from the most ambitious organizations in the world

Spreadsheeto Featured Customers

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Enrolling your team? Here’s how it works:

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  2. We email you the invoice.
  3. When the invoice is paid, we ask for the employees’ names and emails.
  4. Upon receiving the details, we enroll each employee and send them their login within 24 hours.