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Free Online Excel Training 

The training that adapts to your skill level.

Microsoft Office Specialist Kasper Langmann

"I've helped more than 50,000 people take their first steps toward learning Excel. I can't wait to teach you Excel too!"  

- Kasper Langmann Co-founder and Microsoft Office Specialist

More than 500 hours went into developing this training. Now it's yours... for FREE!

This Excel course is 100% free and is sent to your inbox.

What's unique about this training is that it adapts to your skill level.

Brand-new to Excel? Welcome aboard! You get 3 lessons about formulas and functions (the basics of Excel).

Intermediate? Cool! Get 3 lessons about functions such as IF, VLOOKUP, and how to clean your data.

Advanced? Then you need to learn about macros. Get my 3 lessons on how to write, edit, and record macros. 

It all starts with you clicking the yellow button below and entering your email. Right after you've signed up for the training, I'll send you an email where you enter your skill level.

So, in less than 5 minutes, you can get the first lesson of the free training that suits your skill level perfectly.

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Beginner, intermediate, or advanced? This training fits all levels.

3 HD-lessons sent to your inbox (+free interactive assignments).

For the latest version of Excel (2016) for Windows.

Which lessons I send you depends on your current Excel skills...

Which lessons I send you, depends on your current skills-level and goals.

If you're new to Excel, then I don't teach you how to create advanced macros.

If you know the basics of Excel, I won't bore you with how to write a formula.

Below you get a taste-test of the lessons I send you.

Beginner: "Getting Started"

If you're new to Excel, it's extremely important to learn the basics - in the right order.

It's also important, that you practice what you learn. That's why I've included free assignments for each lesson.

I total, I send you 3 lessons about: 

  • What is a formula? And how to write one.
  • How to use functions (such as SUM).
  • Using more advanced functions like AVERAGE and COUNT.

Intermediate: "Accelerated Automation and Functions"

You already know the basics of Excel? Awesome!

The quickest - and best - way to turbocharge your skills as an intermediate is to learn advanced functions and data cleaning.

For the intermediate skill level, I'm sending you lessons about:

  • The functions IF and SUMIF.
  • How to effectively clean data.
  • The most-popular Excel function: VLOOKUP!

*And I've of course included free assignments for you as well

Advanced: "Mighty Macros"

Already awesome at Excel?

Then your next step is to automate your workflow using macros. In short, macros enable you to do a ton of tasks with a single click.

In the 3 lessons you learn to:

  • Write and edit a macro. 
  • Basics of the VBA-editor.
  • How to write a macro from scratch.

Frequently asked questions...

Is this training free? For real?

Yes, this training is 100% free. Why? Because I hope you're going to learn a lot and decide to sign-up for our premium training "Zero to Hero".

How long does it take to complete?

Each lesson takes 10 minutes to watch and 10 minutes to practice. So, about 1 hour in total.

Who's the instructor?

That's Kasper Langmann. Co-founder and certified Microsoft Office Specialist. With +7 years' experience teaching Excel to 1000s of students, I'm happy to welcome you too!

When - and how - do I receive the training?

The training is delivered straight to your inbox. Right after you've signed up, you're going to receive the first lesson. From there, you receive the lessons 24 hours apart.

Do I need Excel 2016 for Windows?

Using the latest version of Excel (2016) for Windows is what I recommend. With an Office 365 subscription, it's very affordable as well. But, if you have Excel 2007 - or later - you can follow along.

Is this for beginners? Or intermediates? Or advanced?

Yes, yes, and yes! This training adapts to your skill level. Right after you've signed up, I ask you about your current skill level. Based on your response, I send you the lessons that fit you the best.

Ready to get started?

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