Free Online Excel Training: 3-Part Course for Excel 2016
Free Excel Training for Beginners

Free Online Excel Training

3-Part Course for Excel 2016. Perfect for beginners!

Microsoft Office Specialist Kasper Langmann

"I've helped more than 40,000 people take their first steps toward learning Excel. I can't wait to teach you Excel too!"

- Kasper Langmann Co-founder and Microsoft Office Specialist

More than 120 hours went into making this.

This training is 100% free. 

It has 3 HD-lessons chock-full of actionable learning. This training is the best way to take your first baby-steps towards mastering Excel. 

Excel is used in (almost) any business - across all fields. Learning Excel turns the table and gives you the edge over the competition.

Get ahead, become indispensable, and get rewarded. 

Now is the time for you to learn Excel - it all starts with this training!

Perfect for beginners looking to gain momentum

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Updated for Excel 2016 (Windows)

3 lessons: Here's what you learn

Here's the lesson-by-lesson breakdown of exactly what you're going to learn.

Lesson 1 - The power of Formulas

Used right, Excel is the most powerful piece of software on your computer.  

In the first lesson, we dive into: 

  • Why Excel? What’s the point? 
  • What is a formula? 
  • A formula in action 
  • References

Lesson 2 - Exploring the core of Excel

The backbone of Excel is functions. Without functions, Excel wouldn’t be one – if not the – most powerful software in the world. Learning functions isn’t optional. It’s a must. In the second lesson, you learn the foundation of functions. More specifically: 

  • What is a function? And how does it work? 
  • How to use a function  
  • The SUM function in action

Lesson 3 - A deep-dive into functions

In the third lesson, we dive even deeper into the more advanced and powerful functions. By using these advanced functions, Excel will do all the hard work for you. Sounds good, right? Here’s what you’ll learn:  

  • AVERAGE (function): Find the average of values in an instant 
  • COUNT (function): Count cells that contain numbers 
  • Where you should go from here…

Frequently asked questions...

Is this for Mac or Windows?

Our course was recorded on a computer running Windows, using Microsoft Excel 2016.

What's the duration of the course and lessons?

Each lesson consists of a video. A video is around 10 minutes. In total, this course is about ~30 minutes.

When do I receive the lessons? You get lesson 1 instantly upon signing up. From there, we’ll send you a new lesson every 24 hours. Not only will you receive our free training, you’ll also get the latest updates from us. About once a month, we send you new articles, tips, and tricks for Excel.

Is this training free? For real?

This training is 100% free. The training is sent directly to your inbox. Unsubscribe anytime (though we’re pretty sure you’d like to stick around!). When you’ve gone through our free training, we hope that you want to take it even further and create a membership.

Do I need Excel 2016?

Working in the latest version of Excel is what we recommend. With Office 365 it’s inexpensive to always have the latest version. If you for some reason haven’t got Excel 2016, fear not. If you have Excel 2007 or later, you’ll be capable of following along.

Is this for beginners?

This training is designed for the beginner. Having a basic grasp of what Excel is, is a good idea. We start off with the most fundamental topics. From there, each lesson gets into more advanced and powerful topics. Once you’ve completed the course, you’ve become a great “generalist” in Excel.

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