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About Spreadsheeto

Founders of Spreadsheeto - Mikkel Sciegienny and Kasper Langmann

Hi there! We’re Kasper (left) and Mikkel.

We’ve been best friends since forever and Spreadsheeto is our latest adventure.

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From a country up North…

If you find our looks, wording or accents a bit funny, it’s probably because English isn’t our mother tongue. We’re from Copenhagen, Denmark which is a rather small country located in Northern Europe.

Driven by ambition. Fueled by friendship

Since we were born in ’89 we’ve been hanging out almost every day. Basically, if you know Kasper, you know Mikkel (vice versa).

Growing up, we went to the same nursery, public school, high school and university.

At university – Copenhagen Business School – we first stumbled upon Microsoft Excel which would eventually lead us down an awesome and interesting path…

Becoming familiar with Excel

It was at university we started to become familiar with Microsoft Excel.

Yes, we’d heard about spreadsheets and Excel before, however, it had never been an integral part of our lives or studies.

Suddenly this changed when we began studying at university.

Mastering Excel (to some sort of degree) was basically required to get good grades. Despite Excel being an integral part of our education, introduction and education about spreadsheets had been pretty close to none existent.

Was it just us who were slackers and didn’t pay attention?

At first, we thought so, but then we turned to our classmates who had the exact same experience.

Every time the teacher would showcase something using Excel, people looked dumbfounded and didn’t know where to even begin. It turned out that quite a few actually excelled (no pun intended) at Excel.

A problem became an opportunity

Reaching the conclusion that we – and our fellow students – needed to be better at Excel, we started wondering:

Excel is widely used in education and business life – how come young people (and ourselves) are so bad at it?

Some months later we decided to do a free, online Excel course. The interest was huge and it didn’t take long for this free course to spread like wildfire.

People really liked it, we got in the local paper and interest for more advanced Excel-teaching started showing.

A few years later from releasing this free course, we decided to take the leap and do something serious about it.

We created our own business offering courses and tutorials about Microsoft Excel.

Today we’ve created the most popular online Excel course in Denmark and hundreds of people are still signing up each and every month.

At some point we started pondering: We’ve achieved success in Denmark and are able to educate thousands of people per month.

What could possibly be cooler?

Educating the world.

The birth of Spreadsheeto

Our vision is to create the best blog about Microsoft Excel.

Our ambition and hope are to create the best information about Excel you have ever read.

We spend dozens of hours creating each and every blog post.

We want to make this blog a 10/10 and if you leave this blog – and some day come back to learn more about Excel – our mission has been completed.

Therefore, we won’t be writing 10 blog posts a day. Rest assured that when we DO publish a blog post – you will want to read it.


Because we love Excel. And with our content, you soon will too!

Now go check out…

Go to our blog and check out our latest blog posts. We promise you won’t regret it!

Quick bio

In a hurry? Read about us in 20 seconds or less.

Kasper Langmann
Kasper LangmannMicrosoft Office Specialist (and Excel expert)
Hi! My name is Kasper Langmann.

I’m quite an “Excel geek” to say the least.

Therefore, I’m also the one responsible for writing about Excel here on Spreadsheeto.

I’m 27 years old and live in Copenhagen (Denmark).

Wanna get in contact? Send me an email at: [email protected]

Mikkel Sciegienny
Mikkel SciegiennyCommunication and Web
Hi! My name is Mikkel Sciegienny.

I’m passionate about the web and communication.

I’m the one responsible for running the website, reaching out to people and generating awareness about Spreadsheeto.

I’m 27 years old and live in Copenhagen (Denmark) together with my girlfriend.

If you want to get in contact, please send me an email at: [email protected]