About Spreadsheeto

Have you ever felt the frustration of Excel?

When nothing makes sense and no matter what you do, it simply won’t work?

Have you tried learning Excel, only to give up?

Then you’ve come to the right place 🙂

At Spreadsheeto, we’re all about teaching you Excel step-by-step by using practical examples.

Spreadsheeto founders Kasper Langmann and Mikkel Sciegienny

Co-founders Kasper Langmann (left) and Mikkel Sciegienny.

We believe anyone can learn Excel.
It’s simply a matter of getting the right training.

By getting the right instructions, like in our tutorials and courses, you quickly improve your Excel skills.

I tried many tutorials, and this was the only training I was really able to absorb. By far this is the best training on the internet.

Linda Byrne, Spreadsheeto student

Improving your Excel skills makes your workday easier and stress-free.

Not only that, but you also become an asset to your organization.


Because Microsoft Office is used by more than 1.2 billion people of those about 120 million people use Excel.

However, the fact is that very few people master even the basics of Excel.

We want to change that!

The training helped me to find my new job where one needs knowledge of Excel.

Natalia Szczygielska, Spreadsheeto student

From our 1000s of customers, +100,000 email subscribers, and +400,000 monthly readers, we’ve seen first-hand how learning Excel impacts your life and career.

Some of our students get the job of their dreams, some 10x their productivity, and others get a pay raise.

Whatever your motivation is, we’re here to help!

Our story

In late 2015, we (Kasper and Mikkel) launched Spreadsheeto from our office in Copenhagen, Denmark (Scandinavia).

We are located in Copenhagen, Denmark.

We’re extremely serious about what we do.

When we created Spreadsheeto, we set out to create actionable, user-friendly, Excel-training so that anyone could learn Excel.

Creating Excel training is not something we just do on the side – it’s something we’re 100% committed to.

Kasper Langmann filming courses

Kasper Langmann creates Excel training full-time.

Luckily, our ambition and focus have been very well received!

In just a few short years, Spreadsheeto has grown from 0 readers to more than 400,000 readers per month.

We’ve even been featured on Microsoft and industry-leading websites like Vertex42 and Excel TV.

Since our launch, we’ve got +1000s of customers, +100,000 email subscribers, and very positive reviews.

We’re also proud to have students from the world’s biggest and most ambitious organizations.


Fun fact: Before Spreadsheeto, Kasper and Mikkel started Proximo.dk which is a bit like Spreadsheeto, but for Office in general (and in Danish).

Meet the team

Kasper Langmann is Spreadsheeto’s figurehead.

Kasper is in charge of all our content like the blog, free training, and products.

Since 2013, Kasper has taught people from all over the world Excel.

Here are some stats about Kasper:

Kasper Langmann. Co-founder and Spreadsheeto’s figurehead.

Not only does Kasper love teaching, but he also loves Excel.

That’s why Kasper is also a certified Microsoft Office Specialist.

Kasper also works as an Excel consultant.

This continually teaches him valuable lessons about how organizations use Excel, and what Excel skills are needed to stay on top in today’s rapidly changing economy.

Kasper started his career in the Danish Ministry of Innovation and Education (he even got the job because of his Excel skills, how awesome is that?!).

Finally, Kasper is also a graduate of Copenhagen Business School with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics.

Want to connect with Kasper?

*For general inquiries, please use our contact page.

Tech and communications

Mikkel Sciegienny is the other co-founder of Spreadsheeto. Mikkel is a bit of a Swiss army knife, responsible for our tech, marketing, and communications.

Need to get in contact with Mikkel?


Camilla is responsible for taking care of our customers. So, if you can’t get the video to work or you lost your certificate, Camilla is there to assist you.

Need to get in contact with Camilla?


Carina is also responsible for customer support. Whether you forgot your password or can’t find your invoice, Carina is there to help you out.

Need to get in contact with Carina?

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What to do now…

Now you know who we are and what we believe.

It’s time to go check out…

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