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All prices on are in United States Dollar (USD).

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That depends!

If you’re going with the “All-in” package of VBA Masterclass, it’s $499.

If you prefer to split the payment into smaller rates, we offer payment plans!

That way you get VBA Masterclass (“All-in”) for 12 monthly payments of $49.

Read more about the exact pricing right here.

Great question!

Zero to Hero is our course on how to become a superuser in Excel (when you’re starting from scratch).

If you’re already very well-versed in Excel, it’s time to start building automated and complex Excel applications. The greatest tool Excel has to offer in this regard, is the programming language VBA.

That’s what VBA Masterclass is all about. With VBA Masterclass you become a true Excel-expert.

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When you’ve purchased VBA Masterclass, you create your own login to our website.

With that login, you access the training on our online training platform.


You can download all the content like video lessons, project files, assignments, and certificates.

Do you have questions about a specific lesson?

Having a hard time getting that For Each loop to work in your spreadsheet?

The “All-in” and “Premium” plans come with priority email support from your instructor, Kasper Langmann.

So ask away!

Kasper answers your question within 24 hours.

Most definitely!

We’ll be happy to offer VBA training to your team or organization.

If you are 5 or more that wants to learn VBA with VBA Masterclass, we offer:

Let’s have a chat about how VBA Masterclass fits your company needs.

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