The 7 Best Excel Templates For Any Purpose (2024 Guide)

Templates can be really helpful in achieving a goal or maintaining a routine.

Whether you need to plan your credit card repayment or prepare your weekly meal list, Excel spreadsheet templates can help you do both.

You can create a list yourself too. But why waste so much time when you can get free Excel templates for the same purpose?

To help you out, we’ve listed some of the best templates used in 2024. Let’s explore them in detail below 🤓

To-Do List Template

Managing everyday errands can get difficult, especially when you do not have much time on your hands. In such cases, having a to-do list by side is important.

Microsoft Excel’s To-Do List template can help you with this problem. It will keep you focused and productive throughout the day.

Microsoft Excel to-do list template

The template provides a worksheet containing a list of different daily chores. You can update information every now and then when you are starting or finishing a task.

The feeling of adding in a completed task really motivates you to do more. And with Excel’s engaging and user-friendly interface, updating progress becomes even more stimulating.

The best part is that the information in the worksheet is very easy to understand. You should be able to work it even if you don’t have much Excel knowledge.

All in all, this To-Do List template is great for daily use. Download yours today! 😉

Personal Money Tracker

If you want to save up some money for a mortgage, a new car, or unexpected emergency, you need to keep track of your money. It is essential to track your finances so you are well aware of the inflows and outflows.

Personal Money timeline template - more templates

To make your work easy, try this MS Excel Personal Money Tracker that does all your work for you. All you need to do is input your total income from all sources and your expenses.

The template will handle the rest. It will slice and dice your spending and give you the cash summary in seconds.

This template is free of cost and easy to use. It has editable data, and you only need to enter your finances to see the account summary.

Even a novice can make full use of this template owing to its ease of use. Get yours today! 🤩

Weekly Planner Template

Having your week planned ahead of you helps you set goals and mentally be ready for them. You have all the chores of the week set in mind beforehand. This makes your week way more productive.

An easy way to keep a weekly reminder is to download a Weekly Planner Template. You can get this one from Calendarpedia. They have a huge variety of templates that you can choose from.

Weekly Planner template with conditional formatting

You can get any template from their six different weekly templates. The cells are painted different colors, which grabs attention to urgent tasks.

They provide templates based on 5, 6, and 7 days/week, and you can also change their orientation. The templates are easy to use, and the interface is very user-friendly.

Get your Weekly Planner template by clicking here now! 🔗

Weight Loss Template

Are you on your journey to lose all that extra fat? You need to keep a regular check on weight loss then.

Sure, you can pen it down in a notebook. But will that be able to automatically compute the progress and proximity to your goal? Certainly not.

Weight loss template includes charts - gantt chart template

A weight loss template can do this. Not only does it update your progress, but it also shows your weekly goals and overall difference.

All you need to do is enter your weight after every while, and it will do the rest by itself. You will be able to see the progress you have made and how far you are from reaching your goal.

This is an excellent way of weight loss, as checking up on the progress you have made gives you the motivation to do better.

It is only a matter of time before you get that slim waistline and fit in your favorite jeans. Kickstart your weight loss journey with this free weight loss template now! 🚀

Weekly Meal Planner

Having to decide what to cook tomorrow is probably one of the hardest chores to do. And ordering or having the same reheated pizza for nights in a row is not a very feasible option.

An easy way is to take some time out and plan your weekly meal. It could be Sunday or Monday when you sit for a while and set out some new dishes you want to try this week.

Weekly Meal Planner - right template for food

A great help can be this free Weekly Meal Planner. It features a simple, interactive interface that motivates you to plan your meals.

It is planned out in a seven-day pattern. And it shows details like breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. This template can be a great way to begin your healthy lifestyle journey.

Download your free weekly meal template now! 🔽

Travel Budget Template

Traveling to your favorite country sounds like a fun journey. But even more so when you have all your expenses planned out.

Imagine you land somewhere, and you do not have cash on you to buy something. You have your credit card but there are no ATM machines around.

Pretty bad situation, right? You wouldn’t want to be stranded in the middle of an unknown place with no cash on hand.

Travel Budget worksheet with money management options.

An easy way to avoid this situation is to plan all your expenses beforehand. This Travel Budget template will help you sort out all your expenses.

It features an easy-to-use interface and simple information. You can easily log in to your spending and check them at any time.

Get this free travel budget template today!

Credit Card Payoff Calculator

Credit card payoffs can be blood-sucking and tiring. Especially when the interest rate increases with each passing day.

Credit card payoff template

Having a map of the debts you have to clear ahead really improves your financial health. You know how much money you need for a certain task, and you can save accordingly.

To make your credit card repayments easy, get this free Credit Card Payoff Calculator. It shows all the data in a bar graph and makes paying off debts easy.

The calculator shows you how much interest and time you will need to pay off your current payment plan.

It gives you a chance to set aside your financial needs and follow them up with peace of mind. Download your free Credit Card Payoff template now!


In this article, we saw some amazing Excel templates, most of which are completely free to use. Our personal favorites are the To-do list template and Weekly planner template.

You can always create and set up your own templates. But it can take you hours, even if you are good at Excel. The time depends upon the complexity of your desired Excel template.

If you only want a small corner to set your daily tasks, an Excel project management template is the best option. Not only is it free, but customizable too.

You can easily edit and personalize the Excel spreadsheet to your requirements. Get your free Excel template today! 😃