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Build auto-updating, personal, and easy-to-share reports in 30 minutes

Microsoft Office Specialist Kasper Langmann

Hi, I'm Kasper Langmann

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Are you tired of painful reporting processes?

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Learn to build auto-updating, personal, and easy-to-share reports in 30 minutes.

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Power BI 101 student

"The training opened up a world of options for me to automate repetitive daily tasks. This saves me a lot of time in my working day" ~ Dwayne Cadwallader

Power BI 101 student

"I went from boring, flat, standard Excel sheets to insightful reports that are targeted, clear and to the point." ~ Kam Csorba

For beginners and intermediates.

3 HD-lessons sent to your inbox.

Free cheat sheet + project file.

Here's what you learn!

Lesson 1: Connect data

Power BI will revolutionize the way you do reporting. But you need to crawl before you walk.

  • Get the full overview of what Power BI is and when to use it
  • Learn to get data into Power BI so you're ready for reporting
  • [BONUS]: How to import multiple datasets into Power BI

Lesson 2: Build personal reports

Build actionable and personal reports with Power BI using my favorite visualization method.

  • Turn data into insight with Power BI
  • Learn to build a Power BI report, step-by-step
  • Leave one-size-fits-all reporting behind and welcome personal reporting

Lesson 3: Share reports easily

What good is any of this if you can't share it with your colleagues?

  • See why Power BI is so good at sharing
  • Make reporting smooth and safe for everyone
  • Learn my top 3 Power BI features for sharing reports 

Frequently asked questions...

Is this training free? For real?

Yes, this training is 100% free. Why? Because after learning Power BI in just 30 minutes I bet you're motivated to learn even more!

If you are, I hope you want to enroll in my Power BI superuser training, "Power BI Essentials".

How long does it take to complete?

Each lesson takes 10 minutes to watch, for a total of 30 minutes.

[Optional] In the lessons, we include a cheat sheet and a project file so you can practice and review. This takes an additional 10-30 minutes.

Who's the instructor?

That's me, Kasper Langmann, co-founder, and certified Microsoft Office Specialist. I have almost 10 years of experience teaching Microsoft software to +70,000 students. 

Read more about Kasper and Spreadsheeto here.

When - and how - do I receive the training?

The training is delivered straight to your inbox. Right after you sign up, you receive the first lesson. From there, you receive the lessons a few days apart. Or all at once, if you choose to!

Do I need to have Microsoft Power BI before I start the training?

Yes, you need to have Power BI before you watch this free training.

If you don't have it already, click here to go to Microsoft's website and start your free 60-day trial.

Is this training too advanced for me?

Power BI 101 is for beginners and intermediates.

You don't need any prior experience with Power BI to follow this training.

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