No sound when playing our videos?

So, you signed up for our premium training and I’m guessing you’re excited to get started?

But you can’t hear anything when playing the video?

That’s a bummer.

But hang in there, I’ll show you how to fix these errors in 5 minutes (or less)!

Let’s get going 🙂

1: Change or update your browser

+90% of the time, video and audio errors are caused by your browser not being updated to the latest version.

We highly suggest you go update your browser right away.

Here’s a list of the most common browsers:

If you don’t use any of these browsers, and the audio is missing from the video, download one of the browsers in the list and use that instead.

2: Refresh the web page

It sounds simple (and it is).

But software, plugins, and other factors can get tangled up when trying to play a video.

Simply refresh the web page to untangle them.

3: Still low/no sound?

If you’re still having issues with the audio, please go through steps A-B-C:

A: Make sure you have your speakers connected and they are turned on.

B: Check if audio is muted (check the animation below on how to do that).

C: Still goes audio issues? Then it’s probably the video player, that’s causing trouble.

You need to make sure that the volume is turned up on the video player.

If it isn’t, simply click the volume button and make sure the slider is all the way up.

And that’s it 🙂

Have more questions? Feel free to contact us!

Kasper Langmann, Co-founder