Didn’t get your certificate?

Don’t worry. We got you.

Before we get to the troubleshooting part, let’s make sure we’re on the same page 🙂

In your course, there’s a lesson called ‘Certificate’.

From that lesson, you can click to request your certificate. Simply, follow the instructions in the lesson.

It looks like this.

After you follow the instructions and click the button, the certificate is automatically sent to your email address.

If you don’t receive it, follow the steps below.

1: Check your spam email folder

Some emails never reach your inbox because they are put in your spam folder by your email provider.

To ensure this is not the reason why you’re not receiving the certificate, just go to your spam folder and double check.

2: Wait 30 minutes

Did you follow the instructions, check your spam folder, and there’s still no sign of the certificate?

Then please wait 30 minutes and check again. Our servers may be delayed.

3: Get in touch

Still didn’t get your certificate?

Click here to reach out and we’ll help you.