How to Clear All Filters in Excel in 1 minute (2024)

If I tell you half of Excel users come to Excel to use the filters and advanced filter offered by it, how would you react?

Well, that’s true. Excel filters are simply amazing. It helps you sift through your data in all possible dimensions🚀

However, once applied, how do you clear filters from your data to bring it back to its original shape? You can do that in under 1 minute.

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Clear all filters in Excel

Filters in Excel can spread across various columns. For example, in the image below, we have sales of different products for different months.

Sales of products over months

Let’s quickly apply filters to it to sort out only the sales for:

  • Smartphones and Laptops
  • For January and February

So here we go!

Excel Filter applied to multiple columns

We have applied filters to two columns of the sheet i.e., Products and Months.📝

Now, can we readily remove all these filters from our sheet? Here’s how you can do it.

  1. Go to the sheet where the filters are applied.
  2. Go to the Data Tab > Clear Filter button. 
Clear Filter button

And there you go! All filters from the sheet have been removed.

We are back to how the data originally looked like👀

Filters removed from all the data

Pro Tip!

Here’s something for you to note. By clearing the filters, we have only removed the applied filter settings from the data set.

But the filters are still there – this is evident from the dropdown arrow button next to the column headers😵

To remove the filters from the dataset altogether:

  1. Go to the Data Tab > the Filer Icon.
The Filter Icon

Clicking on this icon will remove filters from the sheet altogether.

Only the data left back

See? No more dropdown arrows there✌

Clear single filtered column in Excel

Continuing with the same example as above.

Filtered data through filter function

This time, let’s try removing filters from the column “Products” only🧹

To do that:

  1. Go to the relevant column (Products) in our case.
  2. Click on the drop-down menu icon on the column header.
Filter icon on the column heading

The filter menu launches. It clearly shows the products that are selected in the filter, and that are filtered out.

  1. Click on the option Clear Filter from Products.
Clear filter criteria from products

And the filter from the column Products will be removed🎭

Filter removed

We can now see the sales for all the products in January and February, only.

This is because the filter is only removed from the column Products. However, the filter applied to the column of Months is still there.

It is only this easy to remove filters from a single column in Excel💁‍♀️

That’s it – Now what?

The above guide discusses ways how you can remove filters from Microsoft Excel – a single column and from the entire worksheet.

Just like filters, Excel offers so many more features, tools, and functions that’ll leave you jaw-dropped.

Some of the top-notch functions of Excel include the VLOOKUP, SUMIF, and IF functions.

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