The 5 Best Fonts for Excel and How to Use Them (2024)

Are you tired of the default fonts in Excel that make your sheets look dull and unprofessional?

Choosing the right font can improve your data’s readability and visual appearance.

In this article, we will explore the five best fonts for Excel that will level up your Excel game. And your font style will make your Excel spreadsheet stand out every single time.

So, without further ado, let’s dive right into it 🥽


Arial is a widely used typeface and is known for its professional look. It is from the family of sans-serif fonts and is excellent in terms of readability.

Arial gives a clean and sophisticated look to the text and is free to use 😀

Lorem ipsum in style font Arial - font color black

It is pre-installed in most applications, so you can use it simply by selecting it from the Font box.

Segoe UI

Segoe UI is also becoming increasingly popular in the world of typefaces. It is available for free in every Microsoft application and is a sans-serif font.

It makes text legible and smooth to read and is mostly used in professional sheets. You can search for it by typing in its name in the font box 🖮

Written in Segoe UI - conditional formatting

Segoe UI looks great with increased font size. But it can be difficult to understand in an Excel sheet if the size is small because of the rows and columns.


Helvetica is yet another popular typeface used by people everywhere. It is available for free in each MS application and belongs to the sans serif group.

It works great for headings and text in big font sizes. Helvetica gives a neat look making it the favorite font of designers and developers 🤩

Helvetica typed in Excel font box

You can quickly find it in Microsoft Excel by typing its name in the font box.

Times New Roman

Times New Roman has been in use since the early 1930s. And there isn’t a 90’s person who hasn’t used it. It belongs to the serif font type and has been in use in newspapers for decades now.

Times New Roman is now found in the font list of every software and tops the list of most commonly used typefaces.

You can find the font in your Microsoft fonts by typing it in the name 💻

Times new roman font in Excel sheet

Comic Sans MS

Comic Sans MS is a sans-serif font and was originally designed for Microsoft. As the name suggests, Comic Sans was created for lettering in comic magazines 🕮

It looks funny, casual, and rather friendly. Comic Sans is not popularly used for professional work, but it makes your text appear nice.

It comes pre-downloaded in all Windows versions, and you can easily search for it in the Excel font box.

Comic Sans MS font in Excel

That’s it – Now what?

In this article, we saw the five best Excel fonts and their features. Our favorite typeface is Arial, as it has become the standard for professional typing.

In Excel, the Calibri font is set as the default font. All your text will be typed in the same font until changed manually.

You can select any typeface you want from the font box apart from the ones mentioned above. Similar to fonts, there are other features that can add to your Excel presentation 👀

These include formatting, alignment, layout, and more. Excel also has over 400 fantastic functions. Some of the best are IF, SUMIF, and VLOOKUP.

You can learn them for free in my 30-minute free email course only at the cost of your email address. So join now!

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