Free Excel Dashboard Templates
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Excel dashboards are the difference between good and great data presentation.

A well-built dashboard can breathe life into the most boring and mundane subjects.

Simple Excel dashboards are easy enough to build if you follow a proper tutorial like ours here.

Learn how to build this online sales dashboard or download the template at the end of this article

But to truly wow your audiences 😮, you have to take it to the next level! ⏫

It can get tricky though.

So instead of building from scratch, you can customize an existing dashboard template.

Today, we’re going to take a look at seven of the best Excel dashboard templates we have found!

What is an Excel dashboard?

An Excel dashboard is a one-page summary of key performance indicators and metrics.

It usually employs visuals like charts and shapes 🔺🟩🔵.

We use dashboards to make sense of datasets and identify trends and insights.

Most dashboards fall under one of three major categories:

1. Operational Dashboards

This is the most common type. It usually shows performance-related metrics on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Companies often have these to track work performance across their teams or departments.

Example: A weekly operations dashboard for a restaurant. This displays the speed of service, client satisfaction, and table turnover.

2. Analytical Dashboards

This type of dashboard focuses on comparing data across different periods. It helps check trends and compare metrics from the past.

These are often very detailed and are also interactive. They allow you to drill down to specific data points and periods.

Example: A web analytics dashboard. It monitors a website’s ranking, traffic sources, and conversion.

3. Strategic Dashboards

Lastly, this type of dashboard is a high-level summary report of key metrics. It is purpose-built for presentation and decision-making.

You will see many of these in company briefings and business meetings.

They are often used to show performance in general and areas of strength and weakness.

Example: A strategic dashboard for a business partnership. It presents the potential gains and risks.

Advantages of using Excel dashboards

Here are a few key advantages and reasons to use an Excel dashboard:

  1. Saves time ⏳: No need to analyze rows upon rows of data. A dashboard brings analysis features together for quick access!
  2. Easy to learn and use 💡: A proper Excel dashboard is intuitive by design. You don’t need to learn how to code or be an expert in data science to create and use dashboards.
  3. Pleasing to the eyes 👀: The art of dashboard design in Excel is unmatched; it’s both neat and powerful, bringing data to life in a compelling way.

These dashboard templates are specifically designed to provide stakeholders with comprehensive insights into sales, finances, project management, and KPIs, enhancing strategic decision-making.

Now that you’re all caught up, let’s start with the list of the best Excel dashboard templates you can find online!

Template 1: Online Sales Tracker

First up, we have a straightforward sales dashboard from the official Microsoft website.

This is a simple Excel dashboard is suitable for most retail environments

This free Excel dashboard template is ideal for small to medium-sized online stores.

The dashboard’s simple interface lets you track cost and profit from sold items.

It comes in a single sheet with chart elements like a bar chart and pie chart on top and the input rows at the bottom.

To use it, enter the item details in the table at the bottom of the dashboard. These are the cost per item, markup, total sold, shipping charge & cost, and the number of returns.

The formulas for total revenue and income are already in place for your convenience.

This Excel dashboard template is a great tool to introduce into your retail business.

Template 2: Sales Management Dashboard

Up next is another free-to-download sales management dashboard from Smartsheet.

Sales performance monitoring is one of the most common applications of dashboard templates

This dashboard focuses on tracking sales across different areas of your business.

It has plenty of colorful line graphs 📈 and bar charts 📊. And it uses these to compare sales between products, salespersons, regions, and more.

You can add your own column chart or edit an existing one

Entering data into this Excel dashboard is also quite easy.

Raw data goes into a separate sheet and the dashboard updates based on it.

There is also a “Tables” sheet where you can store and manipulate pivot tables.

Use this dashboard to identify your business’ key areas of strength and weakness.

Template 3: Manufacturing KPI Dashboard

If you need a KPI dashboard template to track KPIs in a manufacturing setting, look no further than Someka’s Manufacturing KPI Dashboard.

Each key performance indicator is listed in this dashboard with its code and group

This is as complete as Excel dashboard templates get!

It allows you to track up to 28 key metrics used in the manufacturing industry. It also has separate tabs for tables and charts, keeping things neat and organized.

You can also compare actual KPIs from the current year to the previous year and the current year’s targets.

It’s a comprehensive Excel dashboard that is easy to set up and use 🤩.

There’s a free and paid version of this dashboard. The free version allows you to try out its many features before deciding to buy. Someka has provided a user guide and walkthrough video for this template.

Upon buying, you get access to the licensed version with all the dashboard features. You can also change the template and add your logos and visuals.

Use KPI dashboards to get a better idea of where kinks may be in the manufacturing process

This user-friendly Excel dashboard template is highly recommended for manufacturing applications!

Template 4: Financial Dashboard

Here we have another entry from Smartsheet’s collection of free Excel dashboard templates.

This financial dashboard is like the sales dashboard at number 2. It tracks sales by product, salesperson, and region.

This dashboard uses simple Excel charting to compare estimated and actual performance

However it is more focused on the fiscal performance of the company.

The dashboard elements, raw data, and tables are all in a single sheet. To use this dashboard, enter the sales data in the middle of the sheet.

It then displays the comparisons of estimated and actual sales across several years.

Periods are also divided into quarters. This makes it very useful for quarterly reports and business meetings 💼.

Use this to set sales targets and track actual performance.

Template 5: Revenue-Expenses Dashboard

Our next entry takes free Excel dashboard templates to the next level!

Meet Smallman’s Corporate Summary Excel Dashboard.

This is one of the better-looking Excel dashboards on this list

This Excel dashboard tracks company-wide revenue and expenses. It also allows you to view multiple KPIs. This includes customer satisfaction, full-time equivalents (FTEs), and issues by department.

There is a filter selection at the top right of the dashboard to change views between states. You can change this to reflect cities or countries as needed.

This Excel dashboard is easy-to-use and fully customizable.

It’s also one of the more visually-appealing free Excel dashboard examples available online.

With its well-organized harts and visuals, business presentations will never be boring again 😎!

Template 6: Project Management Dashboard

Lastly, we have a project management dashboard template from Smartsheet.

You can update this dynamic dashboard as tasks are completed

This is one of the most effective project management dashboard templates available online.

Its sleek design and easy input make it ideal for most project needs. This includes construction, product design, marketing, and many other applications.

It includes a Gantt chart that lets you schedule and track your team’s progress.

Project management Excel dashboards like this one are easy to learn and use. Teams can import and use it in collaborations using Microsoft 365 or Google Sheets.

All-in-all, it is a great project management addition to any team’s resources.

That’s it – Now what?

That is the end of our list of the best dashboard templates for Excel. These are just seven of the thousands of dashboard templates available online.

You now know more about Excel dashboards and their different categories. Use what you have learned to find a specific dashboard template that fits your needs.

Another great tool that can help your search is a dashboard structure outline 📋.

Check this article to learn more about creating an outline. This can help you build and customize your own dashboard in Microsoft Excel.


Written by Kasper Langmann, co-founder of Spreadsheeto and a certified Microsoft Office Specialist.

This collection of templates reflects over 30 hours of dedicated research, testing, and writing.

Last updated on January 19th, 2024.

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