How to Remove Blank Rows in Excel at the Bottom (2024)

Excel is a powerful tool for data organization and analysis. But empty rows at the bottom of your spreadsheet can be a nuisance.

Not only do they clutter your workspace, but they can also interfere with formulas 😕

Fortunately, removing empty rows in Excel is a simple process. It can help streamline your workflow and make your data easier to manage.

In this article, we’ll show you how to quickly remove empty rows in Excel at the bottom of your spreadsheet.

You can also download the sample workbook here to practice removing blank rows in real time 📥

Remove empty rows from the bottom of the sheet

Removing empty rows from the bottom of the sheet is pretty easy. You can do it in a few clicks, and I’ll show you how. Let’s see it below.

Say, we have marks of students of a class in different subjects.

Sample data to delete sheet rows

We accidentally added a border to the rows beneath the last row of our data. Since there are many rows, we can’t delete them individually.

Let’s see three easy ways we can remove all the rows in one go 😀

Using the drop-down menu

  1. Select all the blank rows under the data.
Selecting all the blank cells to delete in entire row
  1. Right-click the selected area.
  2. A drop-down menu appears.
Selecting the delete button to delete only the blank cells
  1. Select Delete from the options to delete blank rows.
  2. All the empty rows will be removed.
Removed blank row

Pretty easy, no? 😎

Using keyboard shortcut

This method is more useful if you prefer using keyboard shortcuts while working.

  1. Select the entire rows of blank cells.
Select blanks rows to match entire cell contents
  1. Press CTRL – (minus) on the keyboard to delete rows.
  2. All the rows with blank cells will be deleted.
All values deleted - data tab

And we’ve done it 🥇

Try it yourself using the sample workbook given above.

Using the Delete Cells option

Another easy way to delete blank rows is using the Delete cells option. The process is the same.

  1. Select the rows to delete
All balnk rows selected - special dialog box
  1. On the Home Tab, under the Cells group, click Delete.
Select Delete Cell from the Cells group.
  1. Excel will delete entire rows of empty cells.
All blank rows deleted.

You can use any of the above-mentioned methods to delete rows at the bottom of your sheet 🧐

That’s it – Now what?

In this article, we saw how to remove empty rows from the bottom of the sheet in seconds. It sounds like a trivial task, but it seems difficult when you get stuck.

Thanks to this guide, you will be able to delete empty rows in no time now. And you will master deleting empty rows once you practice it a couple of times 💪

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