How to Remove Gridlines in Excel in 1 minute (2024 Guide)

Gridlines are those faded grey lines that define cells on your spreadsheet. They are there on your spreadsheet by default.

So you’d see them every time you launch a new Excel workbook. Is there a way you remove them from your spreadsheet?

Yes! You can show and remove gridlines in your spreadsheet in under a minute. Let me show you how in the guide below👇

How to remove gridlines (hide)

Your spreadsheet will have these grey lines by default. So to remove (hide) them, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the sheet from where the gridlines are to be removed📝
  2. Go to the View Tab > Uncheck the box for Gridlines.
Unchecking the box for gridlines

And whoosh! The gridlines disappear. There are no more grey lines on your sheet🎯

Hide gridlines from entire worksheet

To achieve the same results, you can also format cells by selecting them and using the fill color tool to fill in the white color 🎨

However, this method is only preferable when you want to remove gridlines from some specific cells only (and not from the whole sheet).

You can do the same using sticky keys too.

Press down the Alt key > W > G. Press these keys sequentially, one after another🏃‍♀️

Kasper Langmann, Microsoft Office Specialist

How to show gridlines (unhide)

Once you’ve hidden the gridlines from your spreadsheet, can they never be returned?

Oh, obviously not. You can unhide the gridlines from your spreadsheet again by following the same steps🚀

  1. Go to the sheet from where the gridlines are to be removed.
  2. Go to the View Tab > Check the box for Gridlines.
File tab / check the box for gridlines

The gridlines come back to your Excel worksheet.

Page layout tab : Excel Gridlines visible

To do the same using sticky keys, press the Alt key > W > G

Pro Tip!

Both the methods above will only hide/unhide the gridlines from the active sheet and not from all the sheets of your workbook.

To hide/unhide the gridlines from all the sheets (or multiple worksheets) of your book, select multiple sheets using the Control key and then perform the steps mentioned above💪

The same setting (of hiding or unhiding gridlines) will be applied to all the sheets simultaneously (or your entire workbook).

That’s it – Now what?

That’s all about showing and removing grid lines from Excel, folks.

While showing/removing it’s only about a toggle button – the above guide discusses shortcuts to apply the same gridline settings to multiple sheets of your workbook, at once✌

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