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They all include practical examples, exercise files, and are updated for the latest version of Excel (2016).

How to Use The Excel Function MATCH for Excel 2016

How to Use The Excel Function MATCH for Excel 2016 If you have ever needed the position of an item in a range rather than the actual item itself, you could use the ‘MATCH’ function. This can be very useful, for instance, when you need the ‘row_num’ parameter for the ‘INDEX’ function. ‘MATCH’ is [...]

The Text Functions: LEFT, RIGHT and MID (also LEN!)

The Excel Text Functions: LEFT, RIGHT and MID (also LEN!) Have you ever needed to pull just the first several digits or characters from a string in a particular cell? Maybe you needed just the last 4 characters in a column of cells.  Maybe you needed neither, but rather the characters or digits right [...]

The Last Guide to VLOOKUP You’ll Ever Need

VLOOKUP is one of the most well-known Excel functions – and not without reason. VLOOKUP’s ease of use and simplicity when “looking up” data is unparalleled in Excel. In this tutorial you'll learn how to create and troubleshoot a VLOOKUP.

Top 69 Blogs In The World For Learning Excel

These Are The 69 World's Best Excel Blogs That Will Teach You Everything About Spreadsheets If you are looking for practical, in-depth educational blogs about Excel, you've come to the right place. Here are the top 69 best blogs to learn everything about Excel. As you already know, there's no shortage of awesome [...]

Conditional Formatting: 15 Easy Tips To Make Your Data Beautiful

Conditional formatting takes the layout and design options for your Excel sheet to the next level. Not only does it make your spreadsheet look awesome, it also enables you to make sense of your data and spot important cues in the blink of an eye. In this tutorial, we'll show you 15 step-by-step tips to conditional formatting.

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