Top 20 Power BI Blogs in the World You Must Follow

Written by co-founder Kasper Langmann, Microsoft Office Specialist.

In comparison with Microsoft Excel, Power BI hasn’t been around that long.

In fact, Power BI has only been around since 2013 making it fairly new to the market.

Fortunately, there are lots of educational blogs around the work that teach Power BI. But it doesn’t mean all of them are reliable.

If you’re looking for the top Power BI blogs, look no further! We’ve compiled them just for you.

Kasper Langmann, Co-founder of Spreadsheeto

Let’s get into it!

1. Reza Rad of RADACAD

Reza Rad, a Microsoft Regional Director, is one of RADACAD’s co-founder. He’s the one behind RADACAD’s articles about Microsoft BI.

Reza’s experience in training and consulting others is showing itself on his blog as the articles are really on-point and quite helpful.

Plus, if you’re the type who’s always having a hard time understanding texts, Reza included images to supplement what he’s teaching in his articles.

Aside from his blog, Reza also has books about Power BI. Talk about passion and helping others!

Check out the blog here: RADACAD

2. Kasper de Jonge of Kasper On BI

Kasper is an analytics adviser and principal program manager at Microsoft. He’s a passionate BI practitioner who currently works as part of the Power BI engineering team.

The fact that he’s in the engineering team of Power BI itself makes him somewhat like an insider! Fortunately, Microsoft has allowed him to continue his blogging practices.

The Kasper On BI blog covers mostly intermediate and advanced topics. Each post is tagged by specific topics related to Power BI like DAX and analysis services.

Most of the articles are written like documentation about Power BI with supplemental images to support the topic.

Check out the blog here: Kasper de Jonge

3. Microsoft Power BI Blog

This list wouldn’t be complete with Microsoft’s very own Power BI blog!

What sets Microsoft Power BI blog apart from others is that they concentrate on sharing news and updates about Power BI. Anything new with Power BI will get featured in this blog.

For example, just last November 2019, Power BI announced its new data protection capabilities. In an article in the Microsoft Power BI blog, they explained in great detail what these capabilities are.

If you want to stay updated with the current news and updates, bookmark Microsoft Power BI Blog and check it out every week. It’s very active with new articles every week.

Check out the blog here: Microsoft Power BI Blog

4. Matt Allington of Excelerator BI

Matt is a Power BI consultant with more than 30 years of experience in commercial and IT with knowledge in business intelligence and data analytics.

Aside from his blog, Matt also wrote books like “Supercharge Power BI: Power BI is Better When you Learn to Write DAX” and “Supercharge Excel: When You Learn To Write DAX For Power Pivot”.

Excelerator BI has been mentioned as one of the top blogs in the world for learning Excel. Before, Matt’s blog focused on how to user Power Pivot for Excel and Power BI.

Currently, Matt has been tacking specific topis about Power BI like combining multiple sheets from multiple workbooks and preventing and managing refresh failures.

Check out the blog here: Excelerator BI

5. Mike Carlo of Power BI Tips and Tricks

Mike Carlo is the man who started Power BI Tips and Tricks. According to him, he started the blog in 2016 as a way to “learn Power BI”.

Fast forward, Power BI Tips and Tricks grew much more with many tools developed to help others create impactful reports.

If you visit the site, it’s not just the articles you’ll find helpful. There are products like layouts and Google Analytics Power BI Report that would make your Power BI life easier.

Currently, there are lots of contributors writing for the blog with topics that range from creating a stacked bar chart to opinions about Power BI.

Check out the blog here: Power BI Tips and Tricks

6. David Eldersveld of DataVeld

David is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP based in Michigan. While working as a consultant at BlueGranite, he publishes data analysis and Power BI-related topics on DataVeld.

Though David used to blog about data analysis, he’s currently been busy writing about Power BI for his readers.

He even has a dedicated section that contains advanced tutorials like using a 3D effect with orthographic projection in Power BI or creating a dynamic HTML slider.

The technical focus of DataVeld makes it suitable for analysts and advanced users of Power BI.

Check out the blog here: DataVeld

7. Senturus

Senturus is a consulting firm that solely focuses on business analytics. They offer services from system architecture and roadmaps to tools and training.

Their site houses both a blog section as well as resources. As a BI consulting firm, they cover a wide range of topics aside from Power BI.

However, that doesn’t mean their articles about Power BI are half-hearted. If you head out to their site, you’ll see that they cover topics even as basic as Power BI essentials.

A lot of their blog articles are tutorial-based. Out of all their entries, you’ll probably like their tips and tricks about Power BI.

Check out the blog here: Senturus

8. Chris Webb’s BI Blog

Chris Webb is a principal program manager on the Power BI customer advisory team. He’s also a specialist in analysis services, MDX, Power Pivot, DAX, Power Query, and Power BI in general.

He also wrote lots of books related to SQL, MDX, and Cube Development. One of his books, “Power Query for Power BI and Excel” is a fan favorite and with requests for a 2nd edition.

As expected, Chris Webb’s blog tackles a lot of topics about data analysis and other tech-related subjects.

Some of his top posts about Power BI include dynamic chart titles, creating tables, and using complex filter conditions.

Check out the blog here: Chris Webb’s BI Blog

9. Marco Russo and Alberto Ferrari of SQLBI

Marco is a BI consultant and mentor while Alberto is a Microsoft MVP with an SSAS Maestro title — the highest level of certification on Microsoft Analysis Services technology.

They both created SQLBI which has been brought to our attention by a Spreadsheeto reader. (It was worth it!)

SQLBI tackles advanced topics related to Excel, DAX, and Power BI. Some of their top pages about Power BI include syncing slicers and the use of RANKX in Power BI measures.

If you’re interested in advanced topics, you’ll find yourself immersed in their blog for a lot of hours.

Check out the blog here: SQLBI

10. Liam Bastick of SumProduct

Liam is the director of SumProduct which started way back in 2010. He’s also an 8-time Microsoft MVP awardee and is a regular contributor to the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia (ICAA).

Like SQLBI, SumProduct was also brought to our attention by a dear reader. Aside from their blog, they also offer services and courses which aspiring BI enthusiast could opt into.

SumProduct talks a lot about advanced Excel topics and now, they’re tacking BI topics too! What’s more, you’ll also get news and updates about Power BI from their news section.

And if you have unanswered questions about Power BI, you can ask away on their thought section. You can even suggest future topics by dropping them an email!

Check out the blog here: SumProduct

11. Christian Ofori-Boateng of ChristianSteven

Christian is the CEO of ChristianSteven. According to him, he created ChristianSteven to provide easy-to-use and intuitive applications for information management and database reporting.

ChristianSteven’s mission is to deliver advanced BI solutions that solve mission-critical business needs in reporting, report distribution, dashboards, and indicators.

It follows that his blog tackles common topics, questions, and even concerns about BI and Power BI. The articles on the blog aren’t just about Power BI tutorials, Christian also writes about software release announcements.

If you need to read about business intelligence in general as well as using Power BI for such needs, look no further than ChristianSteven!

Check out the blog here: ChristianSteven

12. Prathy Kamasani’s Blog

Prathy is an independent contractor in London who loves to blog about technology and data. She’s also a Microsoft Data Platform MVP and a Power BI meetup organizer and achiever in London.

Prathy posts almost monthly with topics ranging from quick tips, SSIS, Power BI templates, and Power BI in general.

Among the top articles on her site include Power BI visual header tooltip and sync slicers advanced options.

Perhaps one of the best elements of her blog is her Power BI portfolio. Visiting it will surely give you ideas about designing dashboards for different industries.

Check out the blog here: Prathy’s Blog

13. Power BI Tutorials

If you’re new to Power BI and you’re looking for a place to kickstart your Power BI career, this blog is a great place to start!

In comparison to most of the blogs in this list, Power BI Tutorials touches the basic concepts and features of Power BI.

In addition, a lot of these posts are video-based which makes the tutorial more understandable and easier to follow.

Even their text-based posts like their Power BI templates article are written in such a way that new users of Power BI will have an easy time understand it.

Check out the blog here: Power BI Tutorials

14. Gil Raviv of DataChant

Gil is a Microsoft MVP and a Power BI expert and blogger. He led the design and integration of Power Query in Excel.

In his blog, DataChant, Gil chants about Power BI and Power Query. He shares his opinions, tips, and comments about Power BI.

Aside from writing about Power BI and Power Query, Gil also writes about Facebook Insights and Sentiment Analysis.

If you love about reading such topics, you’ll find DataChant interesting. Plus, this blog was recognized in the top 10 Power BI blogs of 2017 by Insight Software.

Check out the blog here: DataChant

15. Paul Turley of SQL Server BI Blog

Paul is the man behind the SQL Server BI Blog. He’s a principal consultant at Pragmatic Works as well as a Microsoft Data Platform MVP.

In addition to his blog, Paul also authored and co-authored lots of books and training courses for different Microsoft technologies including a mastering Power BI course.

A lot of his Power BI articles touch advanced topics so his blog may not be suitable for new users.

Some of his top posts include how to add KPI indicators to a table and Power BI best practices.

Check out the blog here: SQL Server BI Blog

16. Brett Powell of Insight Quest

Brett Powell is the owner of Frontline Analytics which is a BI consulting firm specialized in Microsoft data platform.

He also authored 2 books about Power BI: Microsoft Power BI Cookbook and Mastering Microsoft Power BI.

Insight Quest is Brett’s technical blog which talks about DAX, Excel, MSBI, SSAS, Power BI, and others.

Aside from the technical posts about Power BI, Brett also writes about Power BI feature reports with his personal notes.

Check out the blog here: Insight Quest

17. Imke Feldmann of The BIccountant

Imke was a former finance director who fell in love with Microsoft’s BI stack. Right now, she’s working as an independent BI consultant.

Imke shares her ideas and concepts about Microsoft BI in relation to finance and accounting. This isn’t surprising with her background in the said areas.

The technical articles in her blog aren’t for new Power BI users. For example, she wrote an article about dynamically creating types from text with Type.FromtText which contains codes about how to do it.

Some of her articles about Power BI include how to do a real VLOOKUP and exporting large amounts of data from Power BI desktop visuals.

Check out the blog here: The BIccountant

18. Vishal Pawar of Power BI News

Vishal, a Microsoft MVP with expertise in Power BI, spearheads Power BI News.

In a sense, Power BI News is what its name suggests: a place where you’ll get updated news and information about Power BI.

What makes this site different than the blogs listed here is that Power BI News feels more like a news aggregator than an actual blog.

You’ll learn about the recent headlines, videos, and even photos about Power BI. So if those are what you need, make sure to bookmark this site.

Check out the blog here: The BIccountant

19. Gilbert Quevauvilliers of FourMoo

Gilbert is a Power BI and data analytics consultant with a Microsoft MVP award for Power BI.

FourMoo is easy to remember for its readers due to its catchy name and cow icon. Rest assured, Gilbert doesn’t write anything about cows.

Like most of the blogs in this article, FourMoo is designed for advanced Power BI users due to its highly technical topics.

The beauty of this blog is that Gilbert made sure to include infographics to help the readers of the blog get a better understanding of Power BI.

Check out the blog here: FourMoo

20. Andrew Tegethoff of Perficient

Andrew served as Perficient’s Microsoft BI Practice Lead with lots of articles about Power BI on the site.

One of those posts is a series of Power BI getting started articles embedded with a video from YouTube.

Perficient is a digital transformation consulting firm with articles on topics like data & analytics, marketing, management consulting, and a lot more.

Right now, Meghan Frederick, along with some contributors, writes about Power BI and how it helps businesses.

Check out the blog here: Perficient

Bonus: Power BI Subreddit

What better place is there to check about Power BI and all user-submitted questions, concerns, comments, etc. than the front page of the Internet?

In the subreddit of Power BI, updates and feature summary about Power BI are posted by Redditors.

In addition, questions are also answered in detail here by Power BI experts.

This is a great place to leave any unanswered questions you have about Power BI.

Check out the subreddit here: Power BI Subreddit