Top Excel Bloggers

These Are The 69 World’s Best Excel Blogs
That Will Teach You Everything About Spreadsheets

Written by co-founder Kasper Langmann, Microsoft Office Specialist.

If you are looking for practical, in-depth educational blogs about Excel, you’ve come to the right place. Here are the top 69 best blogs to learn everything about Excel.

As you already know, there’s no shortage of awesome content about Excel. However, we decided to separate the wheat from the chaff and hand-pick the very best blogs for you.

Whether you’re brand new to Excel or an “Excel-geek”, these blogs give you all the tools, tips and tricks to skyrocket your skills in Excel as quickly (and easy) as possible.

UPDATE (9/1): A few links have been updated (some removed) and a few new blogs have made it to the list.

Best Microsoft Excel bloggers
Ben Richardson from

Ben Richardson / Acuity Training

Ben (and the crew at “Acuity Training”) are good friends of Spreadsheeto. Not only are they some of the kindest people we’ve encountered in the industry, they also run a very active blog. The blog isn’t exclusively about Excel but also related topics such as marketing and communication. Also, if you need onsite training in the UK, be sure to get in touch with Acuity Training.

Visit Acuity Training’s blog

John Michaloudis creator of

John Michaloudis / MyExcelOnline

John Michaloudis is the creator of “MyExcelOnline”. John’s blog is very beginner friendly and his website makes it a true pleasure to read. When reading John’s guides at MyExcelOnline, you’ll quickly discover the effort he’s put into every article all driven by more than 15 years of experience with Excel. John also has courses and even a podcast! Basically, MyExcelOnline is chock-full of great content waiting to be explored.

Visit MyExcelOnline’s blog

Jon Wittwer creator of Vertex42

Jon Wittwer / Vertex42

Jon Wittwer is the man behind “Vertex 42”. Vertex 42 is mostly focused upon different Excel-templates, such as Gantt Charts, personal budgets and debt reduction calculators. Besides offering a lot of different templates, Jon has also written a lot of tutorials about Excel. What’s really special about Jon’s blog is the financial scope he has. For example, one of his most popular blog posts is “12 Principles of Personal Finance”. Therefore, you’ll not only find Excel templates and blog posts but also get better at managing your personal finances at the same time. Sounds like a win-win, right? It sure is!

Check out Jon Wittwer’s blog here

Onur Yılmaz founder of Someka Excel Solutions (

Someka Excel Solutions

Someka Excel Solutions offers many awesome things on their site. From templates to consulting and, of course, a blog. Their blog is relatively new, so you won’t find like 1000 posts. But those you do find are their weight worth in gold. Also, Someka Excel Solutions is a country winner in the Excel World Championship. That’s super cool and huge congratulations on that! Head over and visit their blog now and be sure to bookmark it too.

Check out Someka’s blog here

Niels Weterings founder of Excel Easy

Niels Weterings / Excel Easy

Niels Weterings is the mastermind behind the very popular website “Excel Easy”. As the name implies, Excel Easy is all about explaining the most popular concepts of Excel, easily! Niels started Excel Easy with 2 fellow students at the University of Amsterdam in 2010. Whereas many other bloggers on this list (including ourselves) explain every single detail, Excel Easy cuts right to the chase. If you’re a new or intermediate Excel-user, make sure to check out Excel Easy!

Check out Excel Easy here

Microsoft Excel Blog (the official)

The Official Microsoft Excel Blog

Recently, Gregory Appel (Product Manager), from Microsoft wrote us if we could include the official Excel blog on the list. Of course, we can, because it’s awesome! The official Excel blog is very active and covers all news related to Excel – for instance when new features are added to Excel. The blog especially focuses on Office 365 and Excel Online which is a unique angle (and often overlooked), making this blog very cutting-edge. So, if you want to stay up to date on Excel -which we highly recommend – bookmark Microsoft’s Excel Blog and make sure to visit at least a few times a month to stay updated!

Check out Microsoft’s Excel Blog here

Excel Off The Grid Blog (

Excel Off The Grid

Add-ins? Charts? Dashboards? You name it, “Excel Off The Grid” has you covered. Excel Off The Grid features a well fleshed-out blog. The tutorials are to-the-point and well illustrated (which we really like!). Also, the owner, Mark, is a super great guy. Be sure to check out his beautiful (and fast loading) blog!

Check out Excel Off The Grid’s blog here

Adnia Team (

Adnia Solutions

Adnia Solutions offers a mixed bag of Excel goodies. From templates to dashboards, Adnia Solutions has you covered. And they of course also have a blog! The blog isn’t just about Excel-related topics, but also on more practical topics, such as “How Do SaaS Companies Benefit From Using Dashboards To Monitor Their KPIs?“. We very much like, that they write about applying tools, such as Excel, to real-world scenarios.

Check out Adnia Solutions’ blog blog here

Janet Kim Dagostino (

Savvy Spreadsheets

Savvy Spreadsheets is run by Janet Kim Dagostino. Janet has more than 10 years professional experience working with Excel. She sure doesn’t keep all her wisdom for herself – she shares it the world through Savvy Spreadsheets! Janet has published more than 9 pages of free Excel-related content on her blog. Her primary focus, besides writing blog posts, is Excel templates. Janet believes (very correctly) that way too many Excel templates are too “spreadsheet-y” and hard to use for the average Excel user. Janet wants to change that! So, if you’re into templates and awesome blog posts, make sure to check out Savvy Spreadsheets.

Check out Savvy Spreadsheets blog here


ExcelMadeEasy was created in 2008 by Laurent Winterhalter with the purpose of sharing its fascination with this great tool. ExcelMadeEasy provides some great tutorial from basics to more detailed ones like on VBA, step by step examples, as well as many templates going from simple invoice to more complex task tracking lists, budgets, mathematical function drawing templates. The project management and business development parts are being updated on a regular base and are full of great content. We’re positive you’re going to love ExcelMadeEasy!

Check out ExcelMadeEasy here

Ryan Wells (

Ryan Wells is the creator of – a site focused on VBA tutorials. If you’re new to VBA, is a great place to start out – and much of the content is 100% free. For instance, check out Ryan’s 3 chapters on getting started with VBA (found in the bottom right corner of his website). All tutorials are well illustrated and to-the-point. So, if you’re up for going face-to-face with Excel’s most complex topic, VBA, be sure to visit!

Check out tutorials right here

Eric Peterson creator of

The Team at Analytics Demystified

Behind the website “Analytics Demystified” is the founder, Eric T. Peterson, along with his team of 7 other engaged employees all striving to make data actionable. The blog isn’t an Excel exclusive blog, but the tool used on their blog is quite often Excel. The blog is very often updated with exciting topics such as “The power of combining number formatting and conditional formatting in Excel” and “Excel dropdowns done right”. This blog mostly caters to the intermediate and advanced users. The approach in all blog posts are very analytical and step-by-step explained which we like a lot. If you are into analytics, big data and Excel, “Analytics Demystified” should be in your bookmarks already!

Check out Analytics Demystified’s blog here

Purna Duggirala creator of Chandoo

Purna Duggirala / Chandoo

Purna Duggirala – better known as Chandoo – is one of the most famous and contributing bloggers about Excel. What is really awesome about Chandoo is the diverse range of topics he’s written about. From tutorials about basic Excel to advanced training, dashboards and VBA. Whatever you can imagine, there’s a pretty good chance Chandoo has you covered. Chandoo was one of the very first blogs we started reading when beginning our path toward Excel-mastery. Be sure to visit his website, bookmark it – you definitely won’t regret it!

Visit Chandoo

Bill Jelen creator of MrExcel

Bill Jelen / MrExcel

Bill Jelen runs MrExcel which is Bill’s online place where he shares all his expertise with his lucky readers. Having more than 29 years of experience with spreadsheets, Bill is unavoidable when it comes to Excel bloggers. Currently, Bill has written more than 40 books in Excel (how does he get the time?). Not only is he an author, but also a speaker frequently traveling the world sharing his knowledge and love of spreadsheets. Be sure to check our MrExcel as well as the (very) active message board.

Visit MrExcel

Jon Peltier creator of Peltier Tech Blog

Jon Peltier / Peltier Tech Blog

Jon Peltier blogs at “Peltier Tech Blog”. Jon has been a full-time Excel developer for more than 10 years, refining his Excel-skills along the way. Jon’s educational background is just as impressive as his Excel-skills, holding a Doctor of Science degree from MIT. Jon’s blog is definitely for the advanced users of Excel who in turn can extract an immense amount of value from his blog. However, the blog isn’t only full of advanced topics concerning statistics and plotting data, more newbie-friendly posts are also to be found. One of his most popular blog posts about clustered and stacked column bar charts is very much worth a read.

Visit Peltier Tech Blog

Bastien Mensink creator of

Bastien Mensink / ASAP Utilities

Bastian Mensink is the creator and blogger at ASAP Utilities. ASAP Utilities is a very popular Excel Add-in that helps you save time and makes Excel do things that it normally can’t. However, it’s not just because of ASAP Utilities Bastien has been picked as one of the best Excel bloggers, but also because of his blog (obviously). Here beginners in Excel can learn the ins and outs of the program in an easy-to-follow pace. His tips and tutorials are very practical.

Visit Bastien Mensink’s blog here

Matt H. Evans creator of

Matt H. Evans / Exinfm

Matt H. Evans is the creator of “Exinfm” (short for “Excellence in Financial Management”). Exinfm is the place where businesses go when they need to improve how they look upon analytics and metrics. Matt has published so much information, that it’s hard to boil it down to a few sentences. From books to courses about financial modeling to dozens upon dozens of templates. There’s absolutely no question about Matt’s cunning and we highly suggest you go check out his website right now!

Check out Matt H. Evans’ blog here

John Walkenbach creator of The Spreadsheet Page

John Walkenbach / The Spreadsheet Page

John Walkenbach is the creator of The Spreadsheet Page. John has written more than 300 articles for popular PC magazines and has published an astounding number of 50 books about – yeah you guessed it – spreadsheets. John has also developed several Excel add-ins and is a Microsoft MVP. His blog is not for the absolute beginner, but for the intermediate to very advanced. His guides always include a lot of screenshots, which makes it easier to grasp the rather complex subjects. Well done John!

Visit The Spreadsheet Page

Chip Pearson creator of

Chip Pearson / Pearson Software Consulting

Chip Pearson ran the popular website where he wrote about a wide range of topics concerning Excel. Unfortunately, Chip passed away in an accident in April 2018. Chip published around 500 topic pages all covering Excel. Chip’s content is primarily aimed at the more intermediate user, however, beginners and experts are sure to find great material too. Where Chip’s blog really excels, is the content about VBA. Head over to Chip’s blog right now and be sure to check out his topic index and you’ll quickly see why this website is a perennial resource of Excel-information.

Visit Pearson Software Consulting

Dave Hawley and Raina Hawley of

Dave Hawley & Raina Hawley / Ozgrid Business Applications

Dave Hawley (now deceased) and Raina Hawley are the creators of “Ozgrid”. Ozgrid is an Excel-development business, where you can get specialized applications developed for your business. Furthermore, Dave and Raina has also published books and have a highly active forum. You’ll also find free Excel video tutorials, detailed explanations of most Excel functions and formulas as well as dozens of templates. Basically, Ozgrid is a powerhouse of Excel information and we highly suggest you go check it out!

Check out Dave Hawley and Raina Hawley’s website here



Behind “AbleBits” is a very ambitious team creating high-quality content about Excel. In our opinion, they write some of the very best content on the internet about Excel. Every guide is so well thought trough and executed. If you were going to read just one Excel-blog for the rest of your life – let this be it (and ours of course!). With 100s of tutorials, you are sure to find awesome content not just about Excel, but also about PowerPoint and Outlook. The content tends to err on the side of the intermediate to advanced, so be sure to know what a spreadsheet is before reading their blog!

Visit AbleBits’ blog here

Dick Kusleika / Daily Dose of Excel

Dick Kusleika runs the awesome blog “Daily Dose of Excel” where you get daily tips and tricks for Microsoft Excel (Access also gets mentioned frequently). The blog started back in 2004 and ever since Dick – and his team of other awesome writers – has been contributing with great information about Excel. The blog covers several different topics such as automation, formulas and VBA. If you already have some experience with Excel and know your way around a spreadsheet, we highly recommend you go check out the blog right away!

Visit Daily Dose of Excel

Ken Puls creator of

Ken Puls /

Ken Puls runs which is a great place to explore if you are really looking to up your game in Excel. At Ken’s site, you won’t find any rushed guides. All guides are thoroughly written (and tested) and are definitely for the advanced Excel user and developer. If you have several years of Excel-experience under your belt, reading is an absolute must. Besides all the great blog posts, there’s also a huge, active community at so be sure to check that out too!


Rob Collie co-founder of

The Team at PowerPivotPro

We always like, when a blog niches down and focuses on a specific topic within Excel. That’s exactly what “PowerPivotPro” has done. The blog focuses namely on Power Pivot and Power Business Intelligence. The blog teaches you how to handle and visualize great amounts of data using Power Pivot along with other advanced techniques. The blog is definitely not for the Excel newbie, but if you’re interested in BI and Power Pivot, reading this blog is an absolute must.

Check out PowerPivotPro’s blog here

Charley Kyd creator of ExcelUser

Charley Kyd / ExcelUser

Charley Kyd is a Microsoft MVP who blogs at “ExcelUser”. Charley has been using spreadsheets since almost forever (35 years) – even before Excel was invented! He is also the proud creator of the first spreadsheet dashboards and the author of several books and articles published in magazines like Inc. and PC World. Charley writes about many diverse subjects about Excel and there’s so much great information to extract. The blog has many great articles, especially about dashboards (obviously), formulas and functions for more or less all skill levels. Whether you’re a novice or more experienced with using spreadsheets, there’s heaps of information to be extracted from Charley’s blog.

Visit ExcelUser

Ron de Bruin creator of

Ron de Bruin

Ron de Bruin (this awesome name originates from The Netherlands) has been an Excel MVP since 2002. Ron is an expert in automation using Excel. At his website, Ron writes articles about VBA, add-ins and beginner-friendly topics such as how to hide rows, how to compress spreadsheets, merging of data and so on. What’s really unique about Ron’s blog is that he provides tips for both Mac and Windows users! So no matter what operating system you’re a fan of, Ron has you covered.

Visit Ron de Bruin’s blog

Daniel Ferry creator of

Daniel Ferry / Excel Hero

Daniel Ferry runs the blog “Excel Hero” and is a Microsoft MVP. As Daniel bluntly states “The point of the site is to give you the inspiration and knowledge to become an Excel Hero in your workplace. As a tool, Excel is not used anywhere near its potential by 99.999% of its users”. Daniel’s fix? His awesome blog of course! Daniel has written more than 120 articles about almost anything from dashboards, PowerPivot and VBA. Daniel also runs a very popular LinkedIn group with more than 7.000 members. Nice work Daniel! Go check out his blog now.

Visit Daniel Ferry’s blog

Marc Zao-Sanders co-creator of

The Team at ExcelWithBusiness

“” is an awesome resource for learning Excel. Behind the website is currently a team of 21 employees, all highly motivated towards bringing you awesome content about Excel. The blog is full of great practical tutorials, such as “When Life Offers You Lemons, Do You Invest?”. The tutorials about Excel are down to earth – and that’s what really makes this blog stand out. ExcelWithBusiness makes it easy to integrate Excel as part of your business processes and planning. Go check them out if you’re interested in entrepreneurship or already have your own business!

Check out ExcelWithBusiness’ blog here

Andy Pope creator of

Andy Pope

Andy Pope is definitely a guy to follow when it comes to learning Excel. For 12 years straight, Andy has been named an MS Excel MVP and it’s not hard to see why! He’s created an absolutely astounding number of tutorials concerning Excel. There’s information from everything to charts, general tips and tricks, VBA and – perhaps one of the funniest categories – “Fun and Games”. Be sure to check out all his categories. Despite many MVP’s creating very advanced content, Andy also has something for the most casual user of Excel which we really like.

Visit Andy Pope’s blog

Jan Karel Pieterse creator of JKP Application Development Services

Jan Karel Pieterse / JKP Application Development Services

Jan Karel Pieterse is the owner of “JKP Application Development Services”. Besides running a business, Jan is also a Microsoft MVP. The blog has a large list of articles going through subjects like how to import text files in your worksheets, fixing corrupt files and a bunch of detailed tutorials on VBA. There’s plenty of content for the intermediate to advanced user.

Visit Jan Karel Pieterse’s blog

Tom Dean creator of

Steve Rynearson / Automate Excel

Steve Rynearson is the creator of “Automate Excel” – the place to get Excel working for YOU. With the right knowledge, you can get Excel to do (almost) all the hard work. This exact knowledge is what Automate Excel provides you. You’ll find tutorials about formulas and functions, shortcuts, templates, VBA and much, much more. All tutorials are well updated and explained using a lot of visual cues such as screenshots.

Check out Steve Rynearson’s blog here

Benjamin Currier creator of

Benjamin Currier / Excel Exposure

Benjamin Currier is the man behind “Excel Exposure”. At Excel Exposure, you’ll find heaps of free information, for example, an entirely free online Excel course. This free online course in itself is reason enough for you to go check out Benjamin’s website right away and bookmark it! The course contains information for the beginner, intermediate and expert. Not only is there a lot of lessons, each lesson consists of videos making it highly enjoyable and easy to learn Excel.

Benjamin Currier’s blog here

Jorge Camoes creator of

Jorge Camoes / Excel Charts

Jorge Camoes runs the blog “”. As you’ve probably already guessed, this blog is about visualizing data – or perhaps, even more, saying, “knowing how to make sense of data” as Jorge writes on his blog. Jorge’s blog is always really up to date and a great resource when it comes to making data actionable. If you work with data and want to make sense of it, be sure to check our Jorge’s blog (especially his post about the classification of chart types is great!).

Visit Jorge Camoes’ blog here

Robert Mundigl creator of

Robert Mundigl / Clearly and Simply

Robert Mundigl’s blog is definitely for the advanced users of Excel interested in big data and visualization. That’s you? Then you’ve struck gold! Robert’s blog provides everything from dashboards to tools and even templates that you can use. What all Robert’s posts have in common is that they are really thought through and everything is explained very thoroughly (which is really nice, when dealing with such advanced topics as this blog covers).

Check out Robert Mundigl’s blog here

Mynda Treacy and Phil Treacy creators of

Phil Treacy and Mynda Treacy / My Online Training Hub

Phil Treacy and Mynda Treacy is an awesome couple, who both loves Excel (Word and Outlook too!) and blogs at “My Online Training Hub”. As you’ve probably guessed, My Online Training Hub is focused on helping you get as good at Excel at quickly and easy as possible. My Online Training Hub does offer paid material – which looks really great – but they give most of their content away for free. Their website is really well designed and so are their tutorials on the blog. Many Excel-bloggers often “forgets” to use images, but not Phil and Mynda. A big thumbs up from us – be sure to check them out!

Visit My Online Training Hub

Ann K. Emery creator of

Ann K. Emery

Ann K. Emery blogs at her website “”. Ann has specialized upon the niche “data visualization” where’s she’s helping organizations making actual use of all their data. Ann’s blog is definitely for the most advanced users interested in data strategies using Excel. Ann has written more than 50 tutorials about said topic and the consideration and care for each tutorial is very admirable. Nice work Ann! Be sure to check out her blog.

Visit Ann K. Emery’s blog

Chris Webb creator of Crossjoin

Chris Webb / Crossjoin Consulting

Chris Webb is the creator of “Crossjoin Consulting”, which is a consulting company focused on “Analysis Services, MDX, Power Pivot, DAX, Power Query and Power BI”. All quite complex terms, luckily Chris has been blogging around 10 years about said topics. In the meantime, Chris has published more than 1000 posts – quite a feat. Therefore, if you are into the very advanced use of Excel, be sure to check out Chris’ blog!

Visit Chris Webb’s blog here

Adrian Miric creator of

Adrian Miric / Audit Excel

Adrian Miric is the creator of “Audit Excel” which is a consultancy focused on the safe and efficient use of Excel. The ambition of the website is to be the one-stop shop for all Excel users’ requirements, and they have certainly done an effort to live up to this ambition! On the website, you’ll find 22 pages full of videos explaining different situations in Excel. The videos range from 2-5 minutes and is an efficient (and free!) way to learn Excel (so is the blog too). We highly suggest you go check it out!

Check out Adrian Miric’s blog here

Tim Mayes creator of