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The SUM Function Explained (Easily)


The SUM Function Explained (Easily) Most people know that Excel is a spreadsheet application that allows for entry and storage of data. Beyond that, most people know that Excel can calculate arithmetic operations as well. One of the most fundamental skills you need to learn when using Excel is how to add numbers using [...]

The Ultimate Guide to Read-Only Files in Excel


The Ultimate Guide to Read-Only Files in Excel Sometimes we may have an Excel workbook that would be sensitive to changes. For instance, Jake, who reached out to us and asked: I have an Excel file with some important functions. How can I share this file with my clients without allowing them to make changes [...]

Excel Viewer


Excel Viewer: Open Excel Files for FREE With the "Excel Viewer" you can: Open Excel files View Excel files Print Excel files Copy data from a spreadsheet to another program ... Without having Microsoft Excel installed! The Excel Viewer is an official tool developed by Microsoft, to make it easy (and free) [...]

The Ultimate Guide to Pivot Tables


The Ultimate Guide to Pivot Tables Who else wants to handle and visualize data without breaking a sweat? I know I do! That's why I've written this ultimate guide for you on "Pivot Tables". Pivot Tables make it easy to summarize data and create dynamic reports. This is our most ambitious [...]

How to use ISERROR and IFERROR to solve your problems


How to use ISERROR and IFERROR When working in Excel, sometimes we will experience errors. In this tutorial, we will look at how to use ‘IFERROR’ and ‘ISERROR’ in Excel in order to deal with these errors constructively. All of the following examples will be performed using Excel 2016 for Windows. [...]

How to Copy and Paste in Excel


How to Copy and Paste in Excel When we think of copy and paste in a general sense, we usually don’t consider any other needs than transferring a string value from source to destination. But there's so much more to it! We're going to show you the most powerful (and easiest) ways of copying [...]

The 3 Best Wildcards in Excel: Asteriks, Question Mark + Tilde


The 3 Best Wildcards in Excel: Asteriks (*), Question Mark (?), and Tilde (~) In this tutorial, you'll learn about the awesome wildcard characters in Excel. But, what exactly are "wildcards"? Wildcards are extremely helpful when you need to find results that are less than exact. As you'll see a bit later in this [...]

Let’s take a look at IF, Nested IF and IFS


Let's take a look at IF, Nested IF and IFS One of the most commonly used functions in Excel is the ‘IF’ function. Its usefulness and application are quite broad due to its simplicity. It is a logical function that basically allows the user to specify results based on whether or not a specific [...]

Excel and Zapier sitting in a tree


Excel and Zapier sitting in a tree... A few weeks ago, we were contacted by Jose Proenca, who wrote us the following: I figured you'd be interested in a new release we're super excited about. Zapier is one of the first to make use of Excel Online's new API, meaning users of the [...]

How to Use the Excel Functions SUMIF and SUMIFS (tutorial)


How to Use the Excel Functions: SUMIF and SUMIFS (tutorial) In this article, we take a look at the ‘SUMIF’ and ‘SUMIFS’ functions in Excel. Both are quite useful in allowing us to sum data based on related criteria within the same data set. To differentiate, the SUMIF function allows for imposing some single criteria [...]

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